Andrea Fulgham Marketing Coordinator


Andrea Fulgham serves as the Marketing and Business Development Coordinator at CFSB Investments. Drawing on her experience in service industry operations, she excels at cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with individuals and business owners across Marshall, McCracken, Calloway, and Graves counties. Her long-time residency in Marshall County has deeply rooted her in the local community, allowing her to understand and address its unique needs effectively.

Andrea and her husband, Brian, have three children: Benjamin, Savannah, and Garrett, who is married to Ellie. The Fulgham family cherishes their time together, often enjoying outdoor activities on their farm, such as fishing and hunting. Besides her professional and family commitments, Andrea also has a passion for DIY and small construction projects. Her hands-on approach to these tasks showcases her creativity, determination, and resourcefulness—qualities that she also brings to her role at CFSB Investments.

Active members of First Missionary Baptist Church, the Fulghams participate in various community and church activities, reflecting their dedication to faith, family, and community. Their involvement underscores their commitment to making a positive impact in their local area.

Andrea is an associated person of LPL Financial.